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Cycling Adventures in Chiang mai

Cycling Adventures in Chiang mai

What you will see? Meet us at SpiceRoads office and we'll take you on a magical tour of Chiang Mai. This old city never sleeps as we ride through small back roads and alley ways to see the lives of its people. Some fun started just after the sunsets, from a tranquil park where locals practice Tai Chi for their excercise, ancient temples where thier golden spires illuminate at night, to a night market with various type of delicious local food, you will discover the charm of this ancient city like no other.

What is the riding like? The ride is perfect for familiy and friends who would like to enjoy easy 13-15 km ride with snack breaks and beautiful site to see all along the way. It takes about  2 ½ - 3 hours, depending on group size and time spent at each stops and you can choose a private pick up at your hotel in Chaing Mai.

Start and end point at No. 1 Moon Muang Road Lane 7  We can arrange pick up and drop off for you with additional cost.

Of course, water, soft drinks and snacks are all included and SpiceRoads supplies a city bike and helmet.

This tour will visit temples, which are considered a place of worship. Please wear a shirt with sleeves and shorts that cover the knees to show respect in these sacred places. Alternatively, you can bring a sarong to wrap around yourself during the temple visits.